How to automatically set environment variables per folder (directory) on bash shell on macOS High Sierra

I have a little CLI toy project that uses the file system for storage (YAML files) and defaults to a dot folder under the home folder (~), this default can be overridden by an environment variable that sets the path. To ease manual testing, I wanted to automatically set up an environment variable wheneve I cd’ed into the project folder, also as bonus I wanted this variable to be removed from the environment whenever I cd’ed  out. Googling a bit,

Visual Studio Code 1.24.1 Toggle Maximize Panel (Terminal) Keybinding Shortcut

In Visual Studio Code 1.24.1. on macOS, the keybinding to toggle the visibility of the Panel (Problems, Output, Debug Console and Terminal) is Command + J, this is really handy. But if you have a widescreen monitor  and you like keeping the panel open at all times with the terminal, for example, it would be better to be able to toggle the size (width) of the panel. This keybinding doesn’t exists, after googling a bit I found a closed request

Installing Rust lang 1.27.2 on macOS High Sierra 10.13.6

If you search internet for "install rust macos" is is likely that the first entry in the list will be and the only instruction is to run the following in your terminal curl -sSf | sh which is a classic minimal install of a command from the internet. Searched a little bit and looked like Brew is not particularly used for this task, so I went away with...

How to fix a LG G3 stuck in a blue screen boot loop

My daughter’s mobile phone, an LG G3 from 2014, suddenly got stuck in a blue screen of death after boot. The common ways to “fix” an Android phone were not working, so after googling a bit, a few weird threads started to pop suggesting that baking the LG G3 motherboard at 180° C for around 7 minutes as a quick fix for this issues. After some more research, I found this video (in Spanish) were a technician fixed this problem applying heat to the memory

As a developer: Specialize or Generalize?

In Developers… Jordi reflects on how the degree of specialization of the developers can affect different kinds  of organizations. From this Javier Escribano states: It’s dangerous for a developer to specialize too much or for a startup to only have specialized developers. Something, I completely agree for the startup context, also, Javier concludes in his response to Jordi Miró Bruix that: …great developers are the ones who can be flexible and use the best tool for each work. Which sounds good,

If you build it (software) it will stay and haunt you

It just happened again, this “simple” application that started as a low-fidelity prototype that was supposed to be used as a conceptual testbed is going to stay forever. After a lot of chrome and polishing, it developed a life of its own nurtured by the collective energy of designers, developers, and testers it became an unstoppable digital force and decided that it was here to stay. So here is the full history so you can learn from my mistakes, if you are lucky, or finally

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