How to fix a LG G3 stuck in a blue screen boot loop

Baking LG G3 Motherboard

My daughter’s mobile phone, an LG G3 from 2014, suddenly got stuck in a blue screen of death after boot. The common ways to “fix” an Android phone were not working, so after googling a bit, a few weird threads started to pop suggesting that baking the LG G3 motherboard at 180° C for around 7 minutes as a quick fix for this issues.

After some more research, I found this video (in Spanish) were a technician fixed this problem applying heat to the memory chip with the proper tools and materials. The thing is that this heat could repair microfractures in the soldering of components or something like that, my digital electronic classes from the university were long forgotten.

As it was an “old” phone, two years, and it was broken without any other alternative to fix it, I was happy to try this procedure. Also, my daughter was like “WOW! SERIOUSLY? WE ARE GOING TO TO BAKE THE PHONE?” so following this excellent video that explains how to replace the LG G3 Motherboard, I proceed to disassemble the mobile and remove its motherboard.

I was kind of concerned about the heat of Pyrex to bake the motherboard, so I put it on top of kitchen silicone glove with a rugged pattern as you can see in the picture and it worked pretty well.

My daughter quickly re-assembled the phone after the motherboard cooled for something like 20 minutes and voilà, it has been working without problem for a week. I still suppose it is a temporary fix, but, who knows?

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  • How’s your device right now? Still working?

  • It is still working to this date 🙂

  • I understand your concern. The oven procedure can’t guarantee anything, your concern is completely understandable.

  • Baked mine a few months ago, it’s now stuffed again. Going to rebake!!!

  • Dope… this worked for me. If only I found this post prior to both buying a new phone and snipping my micro sim to a nano sim…

  • Just tried this myself and it worked out great. The phone’s only been alive again for an hour or so but it used to blue-screen almost immediately after booting. Thank you for posting this Aníbal.

  • The problem of Blue Screen in LG G3 is off course of the motherboard as shown in the video.

    The problem is on the microchip of the motherboard (I Guess it’s the processor unit) that gets loose because of high temperatures reached by the cell phone.

    But off course before you do anything you should backup your info. But how can you turn on your cell phone to do the backup if it always gets the blue screen really quickly? Well since it’s high temperature related, I have placed inside a tupperware in my fridge (normal temperatures for a cell phone to work). After a while I turned it on and it’s working 100%. and since then I have backupped everything (100%) to SD Card using the LG BAckup and reset functionality in the LG settings (see image When doing the backups I left it on the fridge again.

    After that you must fix your phone permantly or move to a country where it’s cold as a fridge ;=)

    So you have 3 options to fix:
    (1) Let LG Repair (check warranty maybe you don’t have to pay for the repair and that’s my option after a factory reset so they don’t get my personal data…easily at least…)
    (2) Do it yourself by:
    (2.1.)Replace Motherboard (there are videos where they show it)
    (2.2) Fix Motherboard (Using the Oven or an Clothes iron as show in this video ….but there are many other videos showing the same thing…one uses only a paper to make extra pressure in the microchip of the motherboard but probably iron or oven will be more permanent :=P)

  • Just tried this and it does work. Baked at 350 degrees for 8 minutes. Reassembled after cooling and now it’s working like a champ. Unsure about longevity, but keeping fingers crossed. Thanks for putting this out there.

  • So after backup I have backed the motherboard at 180°C for a bit more then 7 minutes without the antena (because it had white plastic covering the.wire.I decided to.remove it). Bought silicone support for oven (for muffins or something can withstand 230° C they said on the label) for 3 euros. Waited 30 minutes to cool down and placed.everthing and so.far so good. Thanks Anibal

  • Anibal, my mother-in-law was about to toss her LG G3 and probably spend $500-$700 on a new phone. Her phone would boot loop as soon as it turned on most of the time or it would just freeze get the BSOD. I followed your instructions to a T and after I put the phone back together, I handed her the phone and let her turn it on. She is elated and relieved that she doesn’t have to spend money she really doesn’t have to be spending on a new phone. It’s been working for 5 hours so far as it previously wouldn’t work past turn on. Thank you so much for this information!

  • For those who would like to know…the phone I did this to is an LG G3 / TMobile D-851. I preheated the oven to 360 degrees (182 Celsius), placed the motherboard (chip side facing up – important for reseating) onto a sheet of tinfoil and then placed onto a cookie sheet. Once the oven was preheated, I slipped the cookie sheet in the oven for 10 minutes. That’s all you have to do. There’s no worrying about the wire attached to the motherboard as it will not melt or burn. You don’t have to worry about covering or removing heat shields or anything like that. Just throw it in the oven and don’t worry about it, just don’t forget to take it out after 10 minutes. I am fortunate that this never happened to my G3 but when/if it does…I’ll be ready. lol

  • I just tried this baking method to fix my 4 yr old LG G3. I didn’t see how it could work but the phone was not working so what could I lose?I followed a video I found on YouTube. IT WORKED!! I don’t understand why but it worked and my phone is functioning perfectly. This gives me lots of time to search for a new phone .

  • I tried this, really works. Has been running for like 2 hours now, seems to work fine. Will see in future. Thank you!

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